We Never compromise on Quality.

Our penchant and the pursuit of quality is evident in our activities, in all our actions, at all times, everywhere.

Best Faculty

Every institute for IIT-JEE training worth its name tries to get a FIITJEE faculty. We are the only institute that follows such strenuous, strong, systematic & objective selection and training process before a teacher becomes a FIITJEE faculty. FIITJEE has a pool of more than 2400, very competent, full-time faculty members; ensuring you get highly effective teachers for all your subjects throughout your academic studies.

Pattern-Proof Teaching Methodology

FIITJEE has always been preparing Students in a fundamental way. FIITJEE has been teaching in a comprehensive manner so that Students do well in IIT-JEE (irrespective of the pattern), Boards, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and Other Engineering Entrance Exams. For many years, our Students have been securing admissions in the top 10 US Universities where admission is based on the performance at School + Last Board Exam and SAT-I, SAT-II, AP Exams & TOEFL.

The Testing pattern of IIT-JEE also keeps on changing but the key aspect of the test is to judge the analytical ability of the aspirants along with the understanding of fundamentals.

Students having sound understanding of fundamental concepts & practising varied types of problems will always outperform the Students who confine their preparation to the exam pattern only, rather than understanding the concepts.

Comprehensive Study Material

The fact that every publisher / institute refers to our Study Material & JEE Solutions while creating their books / solutions / study material, is a testimony to our quality. There is a bit of FIITJEE in everyone associated with IIT-JEE, be it Students, coaching institutes or publications. Ask any Student successful in IIT-JEE & explore the truth yourself. Our Study Material is Pattern-Proof i.e. Students are well-prepared for the IIT-JEE irrespective of the dynamic exam pattern.

Enabling Infrastructure

We strongly believe in the fact that the environment in which a Student studies is equally important for effective learning. We ensure our Students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper Classrooms to keep them stress-free.

Personalized Coaching

Individual attention is given to every Student irrespective of one’s standing in the merit at any point of time. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit, this facilitates proper Student-Faculty interaction. Our faculty is always willing to clear doubts of Students even individually, if required. Our focus is better results through conceptual clarity and constant support instead of increasing the batch size.